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How Mimino Solved 78 Project Euler Problems in Under 24 Hours

May 1, 2015

Last weekend, HackerRank hosted its 1st live streaming event in which Michal Danilak, more famously…

3 Unlikely Industries Innovating in Tech Hiring

Apr 30, 2015

This article originally appeared in Venture Beat. The Department of Labor estimates that there are…

Inspiring women in tech

Girls Who Code: The Real Reason Women Only Earn 18% of CS Degrees

Apr 27, 2015

The tech world is missing out on nearly half of the population of talent. From…

Tech Talent

5 Ways Obama's TechHire Initiative Will Drive Diversity in the Industry

Apr 23, 2015

President Obama has been vocal about the role that technology will play in creating greater…

The History of ‘Hello, World’

Apr 21, 2015

                      It’s the most famous…

Press: Data-Driven, Standardized and Efficient Tech Recruiting

Apr 16, 2015

HackerRank’s primary thought leadership event witnessed influential speakers from Flipkart, InMobi, GE, Juniper, and Time…


Press: 13 Techies Who are Redefining the New Age Startups and Activism in India

Apr 14, 2015

For past two years, we have been bringing to you the best of geeks and…

Fix Tech Job Interviews

Press: A Former Amazon Engineer's Startup Wants to Fix the Worst Thing about Tech Job Interviews

Apr 14, 2015

If there’s one thing that techies hate, it’s interviewing for a job in tech. You’d…


H-1B Visa Cap: The Imminent Threat to US Tech Innovation

Apr 14, 2015

America is the Mecca for tech innovators worldwide, but this can change if Congress sticks…

Press: How the Tech Space is Leading Change

Apr 5, 2015

There is great demand in the market for talent. Earlier, candidates were choosing to move…