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Introducing the HackerRank Developer Skills Platform

We’re excited to introduce the new industry standard in technical hiring: the HackerRank Developer Skills Platform. It’s an industry-vetted, end-to-end hiring platform that enables companies to build high-quality, diverse teams that fuel company innovation.

Historically, hiring developers has revolved around resume review, simplified coding assessments, and unstructured technical interviews. But even under the best circumstances, those superficial evaluations create significant organizational challenges. False positives, false negatives, unwieldy processes, and large time investments make tech hiring slow and inaccurate. And that delay in finding the right developers means delays in shipping new products and innovations.

That’s why we’re glad to unveil the HackerRank Developer Skills Platform. Built on a decade of learnings, it’s the first end-to-end, remote-enabled hiring platform designed for technical hiring.

What is the HackerRank Developer Skills Platform?

The HackerRank Developer Skills Platform allows teams to plan, screen, interview, and rank candidates through a skills-based hiring process.

Built on HackerRank’s industry-vetted skills rubric, it allows companies to conduct reliable, secure, real-world technical interviews. It allows companies to continuously improve the quality of hires based on skills—not pedigree—and to accelerate their innovation. The result is high-quality, diverse technical teams.

The Developer Skills Platform is based on a handful of core values that help make it into a powerful end-to-end hiring platform:

An industry-vetted skills standard

With the industry-vetted HackerRank Skills Directory, teams can confidently evaluate developers with unbiased tests. Covering more than 75 distinct technical skills, the Skills Directory helps teams to create more relevant, tailored hiring assessments. With a library of 2,100+ challenges supported by 40+ programming languages and 8+ frameworks, it gives teams the flexibility to create real-world candidate evaluations.

A hiring process built on developer trust

More than 11 million developers across the world trust hackerRank to learn new skills, earn technical certifications, and find great jobs. At HackerRank, we put developer experience at the heart of our platform—we call it developer love. It’s a technical interviewing platform built for developers, by developers, ensuring they have the best possible candidate experience.

Engagement experts at the ready

At HackerRank, we’re privileged to have more than 2,000 customers that rely on HackerRank to power their global hiring processes. Our in-house experts have worked with leading tech brands around the world. They leverage their expertise to help you create a standardized process that you can trust to eliminate bias, and hire with accuracy—even with a fully remote team.

The four components of the Developer Skills platform

The HackerRank Developer Skills Platform is designed around the four core phases of the hiring process:

  • Plan: Define the skills required for the role that you are filling from the industry-standard skills directory detailing proficiency levels for 15 in-demand technical roles mapped to more than 75 skills.
  • Screen: Accelerate resume review by pinpointing high-quality candidates by testing their coding skills with assessments and real-world projects before the interview.
  • Interview: Conduct real-time, real-world technical interviews and enable high-quality candidates to showcase their coding skills.
  • Rank: Identify the best candidates based on assessing the right skills, not pedigree.

The full Developer Skills Platform—including all four pieces of the platform—will be unveiled on October 6th. For today, we’re excited to introduce the first component of the platform: Plan.

How the Plan component works

The Plan component of the HackerRank Developer Skills Platform is designed to help teams identify the technical skills and levels required for each role at their organization. It leverages a set of 75+ industry-vetted technical skills to build in-depth technical roles.

Skills span specific language proficiencies, like Java, to more abstract skills, like Data Wrangling and Problem Solving. With each skill strictly defined by a panel of industry experts, this directory helps teams to ensure their job descriptions are accurate to the role and market-aligned. It also helps to ensure that each job-critical skill is effectively covered by the evaluation process.

Using skills as a basis, teams can also build out tests and interviews that assess real-world coding skills.

Through the plan component, teams can build tests that assess candidates’ abilities to complete day-to-day tasks. Design an evaluation where they can build a web application, fetch API data, or debug a codebase—all as a part of the interview process.

Through the Plan component of the Developer Skills Platform, teams can build a tailored workflow that reflects company best practices. With the ability to create custom roles, tests, branding, and evaluation flows, teams can ensure that their evaluations reflect the specific needs of their business.

We’re launching the full Developer Skills Platform on October 6th, 2020. To learn more about the Developer Skills Platform, or to sign up for the reveal event, visit this page:

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