What every company should know about hiring tech talent

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Vivek Ravisankar is the CEO and cofounder of Y Combinator alumnus HackerRank — a tech talent community for developers and companies that hire developers. The world is speeding up. Today, every company is a software company on some level. Developers are pushing the envelope, creating, iterating and scaling faster than ever before. Regardless of the industry […]


HackerRank Expands Its Technical Recruiting Platform To Mobile With DroidRank

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HackerRank, a technical recruiting platform and former TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield finalist, today announced it is expanding into mobile with the launch of DroidRank. Recruiters could already test for Java skills on the service (in addition to 15 other languages). While that’s the basis for programming Android apps, being able to write Java apps doesn’t necessarily mean […]


Coding challenges landed me a job at Rocket Fuel

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By Jay Pandya It goes without saying that there are some incredible hackers solving coding challenges within our community. Today we’re highlighting Jay Pandya. After competing in one of our codesprints, he landed his dream job at Rocket Fuel. Jay in his own words: I began competing in coding challenges during my first year in […]


Want a successful business? Get gaming.

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(CNN) — Business is a game, as Bill Gates observed, and in the modern workplace any distinction is fast dissolving. Firms are increasingly adopting the principles of successful gaming and applying them to the office to build teams of problem solvers. The entire global games business could be worth over $100 billion, according to research from […]


Amplify uses HackerRank to vet candidates for its dev team

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HackerRank is a platform for vetting devs, which has been used by Brooklyn’s largest tech employer, Amplify, since HackerRank’s earlier incarnation as InterviewStreet. According to Matt Yardeni, Amplify’s Recruiting Director, who we previously communicated with for our piece on hiring talent, the company primarily useswhat’s now known as HackerRank for Companies as a sort of pre-screening of candidates. “It’s a balancing act,” […]


How to Find Technical Talent Using Google X-Ray and Boolean Strings


One of the most effective ways to source for technical talent online is using what is called Boolean search. Boolean allows you to combine words and phrases using the words AND, OR, NOT (known as Boolean operators) to limit, broaden, or define your search. It is an effective way of sourcing and searching for very specific skills, traits […]