Dreams of Silicon Valley

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We have a soft spot for success stories, and here’s another one we would like to share with you. The following is a guest post from Alex Yakunin from Yekaterinburg, Russia. He is now working at Quora after crushing a coding challenge the company posted on HackerRank. Alex Yakunin in his own words: I absolutely […]


Coding contests are hiring hubs for global companies

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BANGALORE: Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Evernote, Bloomberg and Adobe are increasingly giving traditional recruiting avenues a miss and hiring Indian developers on coding platforms like HackerRank and HackerEarth. They are offering top dollars to those who have taken lead positions on programming leader boards tackling mind-bending challenges. A bunch of Indian programmers participating in HackerRank’s coding […]


Corporate America, Your Future Engineers Aren’t Attending Career Fairs Anymore

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Like the Western black rhino, hieroglyphics and video stores, college career fairs may soon be a relic of the past — particularly when it comes to recruiting software engineers. Undergraduate enrollment in computer science programs continues to rise impressively, growing by double digits year-over-year. Pair that with the fact that employer demand for computer science majors is […]


3 Ways to Crush Your Technical Interview

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Despite advances made in recent years, the interview process is still imperfect. In a recent talk, engineering manager Moishe Lettvin (who has conducted over 250 interviews during his time at Google) claimed the process can be “noisy, inaccurate, and arbitrary.” While inconsistencies remain, you can still walk into (or dial in for) a technical interview […]


Getting Discovered by Facebook

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This is an exciting time for HackerRank. Our platform has grown to over 700,000 active users, with 27,000 tests and 40,000 challenges hosted by our partner tech companies. We think much of this growth has come from a rising demand for competitive programming. Participating in these contests has become a sport: more and more aspiring […]


Hackathons serve as vital HR tools for India’s tech and IT services firms

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HR departments in India are deploying hackathons in myriad ways, including finding the right talent, gauging internal skill levels, and promoting innovation amongst employees. At hackathons, a large number of people come together for a short period of time to intensely chip away at a challenge. Such extreme, collaborative programming gatherings — codejams that drive technology […]


5 Reasons to Attend Re-engineer

HackerRank Re-engineer

On September 23rd, HackerRank will be hosting Re-engineer, its first gathering for tech recruiters. Here are 5 reasons you should attend! 1) Hear from Tim Wenzel, share his experience scaling growth at PayPal, Tesla, and Chegg as their chief of talent acquisition. Tech recruiting thought leader Tim Wenzel will discuss best practice, lessons learned, and some unusual anecdotes from his experience […]


HackerRank ‘gamifies’ technical job recruiting for game companies

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Finding talented game programmers isn’t easy. So HackerRank has built a recruiting tool that “gamifies” the process, or applies game-like mechanics to nongame tasks to get people more engaged. Today, the company is revealing a game tool that challengers programmers to create artificial intelligence characters that can beat those created by a game company that is looking for programmers.   0 […]


Hacking Tech Recruiting with HackerRank

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While a veritable cottage industry has sprung up around sourcing for tech talent, particularly in the profile aggregation space (think: Entelo, Dice Open Web, Gild), comparatively few options exist for actually screening tech skills, especially developers. Most of these dedicated tech recruiting tools offer integrations with public code repositories like GitHub or StackOverflow. None of these emerging solutions, however, offer […]