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Where are the good programmers?


Heads-up: The post is pertinent to freshers (college grads).
This is a standard question asked by a lot of companies. While they do manage to find the talent from “top-tier” institutes, the count is still not enough.

“I can’t go on a campus rampage it’s going to consume a LOT of my resources (time & money)” – says a hiring manager from a hot startup

We can’t agree more! While lateral hiring follows a different route (consultants / popular job portals, etc.), recruiting freshers and college grads is still traditional – we decided to change! We decided to introduce…


Although it’s usage has become very common to indicate a programming contest, the credit goes to Google for introducing it.
One of the ways of identifying talent across the country is by hosting a CodeJam! There can be different variations, but it typically consists of 3-4 programming problems (pretty tough) to be solved within a specific time frame.

Why would you do this?

  • Students across colleges can participate
  • One of the best ways to test programming skills
  • Identify colleges which perform well in the contest, you could visit them for campus placements
  • If you conduct 2-3 rounds of codejams, you could even offer a job straightaway to the winner!
  • Exclusivity and completely white-labeled solution (that’s a small pitch ;))

And most importantly, we do all the setup for you :). There’s absolutely no extra time you would spend. We successfully conducted a Code Jam for One97 last week and doing one for Inautix soon!
If you are interested, send us a note to: team@interviewstreet.com and the CodeJam can be up & running in < 12 hrs! We leave you with another interesting way of recruiting engineers 🙂

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