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What's up report?

An important element in this product is how easily can you make a decision given our reports and analytics. As an initial step towards getting better reports, we have added the following features today!

    • Filter the data
      Providing a lot of data is a boon only if you can mine what you need from it easily. We have added the two most important parameters to filter the data easily – Score and Time Period

      As you would expect from the screen shot, given a score, it would show the candidates who have scored greater than the value entered. Now, you can view only the guys who have cleared the benchmark.

      The time period parameter has more options as you can see in the screen shot above. It allows you to specify a date range, month range, an exact date and many many more customizations.This helps you to get a report on the exact time frame you want

The best thing about this feature is, it automatically saves the parameters with which you filtered, enabling you to apply the same filters easily next time.

    • Share it with your team

Not everyone in your team would want to login, run through the app and view the reports. Hiring managers, team leads and decision makers would be interested just in the final report. We provide a secure link (just like your google doc’s link) which you could share with relevant people in your organization.

  • Timestamps for programming questions

    Having conducted a few phone interviews myself, how a candidate approaches a question is also given a weightage. We also thought, the applicant’s code at various stages should be shown to the recruiter who can then judge the candidate – how he moved from an error-prone code to a fully working optimal solution. As you can see above, you can check the candidate’s code at different timestamps
  • Syntax highlighting of code with line numbers

    Once you clear the written/pre-screening process, a few questions in the interview deal with your previous screening round. To make it easier to read and refer to the candidate’s code, you have a syntax highlighted code along with line numbers.
    It’s now pretty easy to ask “Don’t you think there is a bug at line #22?

As always, we love your feedback and suggestions. Please let us know what you think either in the comments section (or) just shoot an e-mail to We have more such exciting things coming up, on the business side as well!

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