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We are hiring… rockstars!

Yes, we are hiring developers! But before that, it would be great if you know a little background about Interviewstreet, the growth and what you can expect working with us.

Who are we?

We are Vivek & Hari. We are very nice guys. Okay, if that hasn’t satisfied you, here’s a traditional answer:. To help us move forward, we are backed by some of the most awesome and inspiring people in the startup circuit

We are backed by Morpheus and some of the top angel investors – Mukund, Pallav and Abhishek. They are not only nice guys but inspiring too! Okay, what’s this whole ‘nice guys’ concept ? we want everyone to be givers

The story so far..

We started off Interviewstreet as a platform for conducting mock interviews for students to help them in campus placements. But soon (9 months) found out that there was something wrong with our business model (or) our execution methods were flawed. Bottom-line, we were on the wrong path. Looking back, I really don’t know where from we got that itch to move on, keep moving on until we latch onto something. But we never gave up!

We morphed the idea into a platform to help companies hire / screen programmers. We built a codechecker which would evaluate a candidate’s code on correctness and optimality judging his programming skills.
We launched the new version of Interviewstreet in late July. The 1st cut looked ugly, complaints and bugs all over, but we still had one customer who said ‘I really love your product!‘ – that gave us a big kick! We did a marathon, sat all night, fixed bugs, wrote selenium scripts and made it better. And then more demos, more coding, more features (of course more stability) has led us to an impressive set of customer base featuring some of the big names like Amazon, Cleartrip, Flipkart, One97 etc. (a couple of really big companies are using our product in trial mode right now!)

Our working style

We want to work only with rockstar engineers and we really mean it! We got a lot of resumes but refused to settle to anyone except a real stud – we hired Anand! Incidentally he was our 1st customer for mock interview business – connecting the dots.
The initial months are a struggle in any startup but we have just hatched and understood ourselves better. We are NOT these code monsters who sit in a black room with a coffee maker by the side – no weekends, no movies, etc. We have a life, outside work and expect you to have one too.We take off on weekends.

We don’t have an office space, no VP of sales,etc. and completely transparent. We are very stubborn on providing awesome customer service!. We pay well (cash + equity)

Type of work

Two words that describe our work:
Extremely challenging


I asked Anand to share some of his thoughts and this is what he had to say…

  • Get exposed and work on the latest awesome cutting-edge technologies
  • Fun gyaans from vivek
  • Incredible code architectural knowledge from hari
  • Exposure to the startup environment .. (this tops everything!)
  • 95% exciting work … (rest 5% is css, blah blah, though I turn it back to hari most of the times)
  • Always open to new ideas and methodologies ( the FIFO idea , the named pipes implementation )
  • I get a book every month related to startup / web from Interviewstreet!

You would be exposed to all aspects of programming – back-end, CSS / HTML / PHP, writing test suites, etc. And of course, you are free to join any demo / investor meetings, etc.

Apply now

We are really NOT looking for resumes and definitely not those which have these kind of lines at the start
Looking for a place where my experience and my personality will add value to the organization and we can mutually benefit and have a healthy growth, etc.
We have created a buzz already, but would like to make a dent in the universe, are you game? While that may sound dramatic, we really want to be BIG – big in terms of customers, revenue and the value created. We would like the customers to have no other option but to just love us and our product!
If you are pumped up to join us , drop an email saying “hi” to and we would love to talk to you!

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