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Summer @twitter (Update: Now fall@ & full-time)

We’re gearing up for the Twitter challenge contest. We’ve two interesting problems of which one of them is a real-world one based on… tweets (no prize for guessing that!) The other one is a quick algorithmic challenge.
Update & sorry
Unfortunately, the summer intern slots are full and hence this contest will cater to people who’d be interested in an intern between Sep-Dec or Jan-Mar or as a full-time whenever you’re ready. It’s shifted by a few months.
We just heard this from them and wanted to quickly update everyone on that. We’re sorry about the shift but the contest is an exciting one.
We’re also announcing a $300 gift card (amazon/apple/flipkart) for the winner.
Signup now
Grab the opportunity at https://www.hackerrank.com/jointheflock

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