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Announcing the Turkey Day Hackathon Results

The HackerRank Team would like to thank all the participants for the 1st Turkey Day Hackathon. We appreciate all the great feedback you gave us and we will continue to improve the site to make it the best place to hack. Without further ado, here are the results of the Hackathon along with some comments that made our hearts smile. Big congrats to fLiPfLoPpItY a student @ UC Berkeley who beat out a security analyst, a PhD programming autonomous quadrocopters, a high frequency trader and more than 20 other hackers! fLiPfLoPpItY there is a 12 pound organic turkey from Whole Foods coming your way with all the fixings, start fasting now.
1. “fLiPfLoPpItY”=>151
2. “michaelcpell”=>149
2. “qq”=>149
2. “reaperunreal”=>149
3. “yunxing”=>146
4. “Corei13”=>145
5. “sawyer”=>144

5. “tyrust”=>144
6. “jay.gokhale”=>143
7. “niles”=>142
7. “Vanwaril”=>142
8. “coolfire”=>140
8. “Josh”=>140
9. “0.0”=>138
10. “Anting”=>137
11. “sb8244”=>135
12. “dnguyen”=>132
13. “chetan51”=>131
13. “sagarp91”=>131
13. “Squall013”=>131
14. “ookoshi”=>129
15. “nyang”=>125
15. “krypt0s”=>125

16. “CHINTAN_XIII”=>115
17. “o.O”=>110
18. “kevintao”=>103
19. “kng”=>0

And saving the best for last:

From the HackerRank Team, we wish you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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