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Tech Recruiting: Programming Challenge Events

Interviewstreet Intern CupTop student talent in Silicon Valley converged on Mountain View, CA in mid-July to attend Interviewstreet’s HackerRank Intern Cup and solve programming challenges for three action-packed hours. Interns from select Interviewstreet customers Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Palantir, Riverbed, GoDaddy, PocketGems and Square formed teams and battled for top scores on two challenges. With so much stellar intern brain-power in the room, teams fought to secure the lead early and keep their top position on the HackerRank leaderboard as the minutes of the challenge ticked past. Facebook took home the trophy, but a strong showing was made by all invited teams in the spirit of friendly competition.
Facebook Trophy
Interns teams had a great time and learned a lot about their skills under pressure. In addition to sharpening problem-solving abilities in a competitive environment, programming events are a recruiting opportunity for companies interested in attracting talent with vetted skills, what better way to do so than programming challenge events that pique programmers’ interest (with the side-effect of proving competency)?
Interviewstreet Intern Cup - All Teams
Interviewstreet’s challenges bring the top tier of young programmers together in one room… a recruiting opportunity not to be ignored by companies invested in getting in front of young programmers who could be their next all-star hiring decision. 

See more photos of the event by visiting the Interviewstreet Facebook page!