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Taste the sample

The best way to increase conversions of visits to users is to ensure that each visitor gets to try out your product without even signing up. For eg: if you need to buy a book from flipkart (or) book a ticket from cleartrip, it asks for your e-mail and personal details only in the last step – the idea behind this is, you would be impressed with the service by then and won’t mind entering a few details.
It might not really be possible to implement this with all business models, but one could try to reach as close as possible. We tried to implement Creating a Test without asking for an e-mail address, but we faced a lot of security/ownership issues. Nevertheless, we wanted both the recruiters & applicants to atleast see how the test taking interface looks like with just 1-click. We have put up a sample test at our homepage which contains 3 types of questions – Programming questions, Multiple-choice-questions & Text answer questions. Try it out!
Why is the interface non-snazzy?
There are multiple reasons behind this. For one, broadband connectivity cannot be taken for granted in India and more so if the applicant is a college student. We wanted the test taking interface to load as fast as possible (we tested on dial-up connections!) without any snazzy CSS/images.
But that doesn’t allow you to compromise on CSS right? Yes, a valid argument, but we have ensured that wherever things are needed we have added an extra layer of Javascript/CSS – for eg: in Programming questions, the editor supports syntax highlighting, line numbers, bracket matching, etc, things that are essential when you code.
We have tried to build an interface where you possibly can’t see anything apart from the question and the answer area – after all that’s all an applicant needs right? :). Feel free to give your feedback. You can e-mail us at Thank you so much for your support and encouragement!

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