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Interviewstreet at Startup Gurukul

It’s been almost a year since we associated ourselves with Morpheus and it’s been a fantastic ride! Startup Gurukul – an event which brings together entrepreneurs from different levels [bootstrappers to millionaires] to share their experiences was hosted by Morpheus in association with Sequoia Capital.
The portfolio companies got an opportunity to present their startup in front of investors and a few media folks – ofcourse we grabbed the offer :-). The event was held at a beautiful place which I believe is the best choice, if you want to unplug yourself from the rest of the world – serene, calm, quiet with no e-mail/phone distractions 😉 Here’s a ppt we presented at the event narrating the story of our startup – the origin, growth and where we are…

In the process of making the PPT, I learnt a nice art of searching images on flickr which I would reserve it for the next post. Take care, off to code!

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