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Interviewstreet's Plagiarism Detection Engine

Let’s face it: cheating is a problem. As a recruiter, you have to deal with candidates submitting embellished resumes and sharing your in-person interview questions online. Spend five seconds searching for questions asked during Google’s interviews and get a beautiful list of 140 interview questions! Similarly, responses to the classic “FizzBuzz” test can be found all over the Internet. With this in mind, Interviewstreet has created a powerful tool to help our customers identify plagiarism on programming challenges.
We’re proud to introduce the Interviewstreet Plagiarism Detection Engine. For Enterprise customers, reports will state in plain English whether plagiarism was detected.
If you want to get into the code to see the similarities for yourself, we provide our users with the option to compare the candidate’s code to the other matching responses.
It’s important to point out that this is not an “absolute” decision. The Plagiarism Detection Engine identifies responses that have a high degree of similarity between candidates, flags them and prompts you to review them. This is just one of things Interviewstreet is doing to make recruiting technical talent easier.

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