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Conducting Remote Interviews: 6 Best Practices

May 8, 2020

The following is a summary of a piece originally published on The Enterprisers Project by…

Standardizing Technical Hiring with HackerRank’s New Skills-Based Experience

May 6, 2020

At HackerRank, our goal is to help teams hire based on proven skills, not resumes….

Conducting Consistent Online Interviews With Recommended Questions

Apr 30, 2020

Being selected to conduct online interviews for your organization is a huge responsibility. Interviewers are…

Making Remote Work: How Bloomberg Adapted to Virtual Interviews

Apr 29, 2020

Seemingly overnight, remote work—and by extension, virtual interviews—have become the new normal. For those hiring,…

Mimir Classroom Free for Schools Until the End of the 2020-2021 Academic Year

Apr 27, 2020

Last December, the Mimir team joined HackerRank. We are thankful to all the instructors and…

New Product Updates: Enabling Remote Hiring with HackerRank

Apr 23, 2020

Hiring the right candidate is hard. Finding, evaluating, and hiring that candidate remotely (and without…

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Tips for Remote Hiring: How Atlassian is Making Virtual Interviews a Reality

Apr 3, 2020

Remote hiring is a process that companies across all sectors are now incorporating into their…

4 Ways Candidates Can Prepare for a Remote Interview

Mar 27, 2020

As a candidate, going through the hiring process is naturally a little nerve-wracking. But interviewing…

Remote Interview Best Practices: A Guide to CodePair

Mar 26, 2020

  For companies hiring software developers today, remote interviews are the new normal in technical…

A Message from Vivek, Co-Founder & CEO of HackerRank

Mar 25, 2020

On behalf of everyone at HackerRank, I wanted to personally reach out to address the…