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Sep 101-hack Mike Mark

Oct 6, 2013

Hello hackers, I hope you enjoyed the Sep 101-hack. We made a mistake and we’d…

This Week in Regular Expressions: Programming Language Detection

Sep 26, 2013

Thursday is here, and so is a challenge for those who enjoy our Regular Expressions…

MS/PhD Students in EECS (and Degree Holders): We'd love to have you on-board

Sep 24, 2013

The primary target audience for this post is those who are pursuing or have completed…

Functional Friday: Trees and Triangles

Sep 20, 2013

For all our Functional Programming enthusiasts, Friday is the day when we add new challenges…

Thursday's Regular Expression Challenges

Sep 19, 2013

Today, in our Regular Expression track, we release a pair of challenges which relate to…

For Crossword Enthusiasts and Functional Programmers

Sep 14, 2013

For those who feel a special sense of excitement and accomplishment about writing pure –…

A Challenge on Scraping: The first stage in Mining the Web

Sep 14, 2013

Web Scraping is one of the very first steps for those who’d like to collect,…

Save the Date! Weekly Regular Expression and Functional Programming Challenges

Sep 11, 2013

Starting this week, we’re going to release Challenges for Text Processing/Regular Expressions, and Functional Programming,…

Interviewstreet Filters Drchrono Applicant Avalanche, Saves 500 Developer Hours

Aug 14, 2013

“90% of our team was hired using the Interviewstreet challenges. We plan to use Interviewstreet…

Tech Recruiting: Programming Challenge Events

Aug 7, 2013

Top student talent in Silicon Valley converged on Mountain View, CA in mid-July to attend…