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Improved IDE on HackerRank Platform Enhances Candidate Experience

Developer experience is a priority for us. We are constantly improving our platform to make it easier for developers to showcase their skills and for companies to assess their skills.

One way is to improve IDE so that developers and hiring managers can focus on what matters (i.e. coding) during the interview and work in a coding environment that feels like home with familiar efficiency-boosting tools.

Today, we’re proud to share our latest HackerRank platform upgrades:

  1. We updated our code editor to use Monaco, the editor that powers Visual Studio Code
  2. We’ve also enhanced the online coding experience for developers with powerful autocomplete, real-time linting, improved accessibility, in-context documentation, and auto code formatting.

Improved Autocomplete with IntelliSense

Developers on HackerRank can now have faster and more accurate autocomplete when coding with the inclusion of IntelliSense.

IntelliSense is a code-completion tool which has features like complete word, parameter information, quick information, and list members. These elements help developers easily gain more insight into the code they’re using, stay on top of the parameters they’re using, and increase calls to properties and methods.

Intellisense is available for C, C++, C++14, Java 7, Java 8, C#, PHP, Python 2, Ruby, JavaScript (Node.js), Go, and Python 3.

Upgrades to Linting Functionality

Developers will now have the ability to catch syntax errors and other programmatic issues in real time as they type versus seeing a batch of trivial compilation errors after the code is written and sent for compilation.

Linting allows rules to be applied against a codebase and then notifies users of code structures that go against those rules.

Improved Accessibility

We’ve also added more accessibility features to our editor such as high contrast themes, better support for screen readers, keyboard navigation, and more. Our goal is to make the HackerRank platform easy to use for all developers.

In-context Documentation

Moving forward, developers will be able to receive in-context information on function signatures, libraries and more. This will help developers get a quick overview of constructs and give them information on how they can be used while coding. Developers will no longer have to waste time by leaving the environment to find more information about their function signatures.

Improved Code Formatting

Developers on HackerRank can now select and format specific snippets of code. This will enhance code readability, making it easier for developers and hiring managers to review code.

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