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Mornin' Codechecker!

New Codechecker
It’s been due for quite some time and this is obviously a pretty big change at our end, hence required a solid testing before pushing to our production servers. It’s live now.
We coded it from scratch and have ensured a much reliable and a distributed system compared to the older version. We have some exciting add-ons to provide more insights about the programming ability of the candidate using this codechecker. The new codechecker has been written in a generic manner that we would be adding support to a couple of new languages every week!

Earlier due to a few security constraints, we weren’t able to display the debug statements of the programmer. Now, you could also view the output, results in your screen. We are excited and so do our customers. Happy Programming 🙂
We would also be releasing API’s which universities could use to host their online programming contests! API docs coming soon. And wait, we are working on a new homepage too 🙂
And yes, we would love your feedback. Please e-mail to

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