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Meet the Moms Who Code

This is an excerpt from HackerRank’s Moms Who Code initiative. Read the full interviews.  

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, HackerRank has launched Moms Who Code – a series of interviews with incredible women who are balancing the demands of motherhood while leading technical teams at PayPal, Snap Inc., VMware, Peloton, and Lyft.

Our interviewees cover everything from their career journeys, how companies can support working moms, how organizations can remove bias in their hiring process, the importance of parents sharing child-rearing responsibilities, and more.

In recent years, companies have been pushing to provide more support for working moms. Organizations are creating more inclusive workplace cultures and allowing flexible schedules. They are also implementing comprehensive maternity and paternity leaves as well as generous time-off policies.

Mothers in the workplace often face more discrimination in comparison to their co-workers who don’t have children as well as fathers in the workplace. Given this, companies providing more support for working moms is a great and necessary step forward.

At HackerRank, we hope that by highlighting all of the work organizations are doing to be more inclusive of mothers, other companies and working parents will leave inspired to enact changes of their own!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Moms Who Code and learn about how your company is supporting mothers in the workplace. Feel free to tweet us @HackerRank.

Read the interviews with Moms Who Code.  

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