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Hacking at HackerRank

Starting HackerRank….
The idea started when I asked Hari casually, “what can be done to make the world move faster?” A better version: what can be done to experience the “2030-version” of the world  by 2014? Why couldn’t the iPad come 5 years back? Surely, Steve Jobs would have been playing around with a virtual one[1]
Problem solvers control the way in which the world functions and progresses. These players include hackers, programmers, mathematicians, etc. When world problems are solved faster, innovations will be invented faster, eventually prompting the world to move faster.

The problem however is that it takes time to identify the right people, the right problem and the right environment to work in. But…What if you bring all the top problem solvers (hackers, CTOs, math studs from Weizmann, etc) together in a room?
If Steve was introduced to this magical room, holding the top 10 iOS engineers of the world, surely they could have collaborated and executed in a fragment of time.
We’re not trying to disrupt the recruitment industry, not trying to disrupt the education industry, etc. We are building something different. Imagine if there was a room in SF where the top 5000 brains of the world came to everyday for several hours.

The value of that room is incredibly high, and its occupants would have the power to decide the pace of the world and how it should work. We’re building THIS, online. It sounds like a monumental task, because it is, and it is something we’re truly excited and passionate about.
We (founders) are extremely hardworking guys, and that runs into the culture of the company as well. This might sound cliche, but you have to experience it to realize the intensity of the work. We’re a small team of hackers and designers. I have no idea where each one graduated from (or whether they even did graduate). We value focused, hard work and persistence, a quality you can expect from a founder. Naturally, our hiring process is pretty tight and it requires a clean YES from everyone.

If I had a lot of money, I would invest in every team member if they created a startup sometime in the future. This has turned out to be a great metric in building a team that you’ll really enjoy working with.
We’re in Mountain View, right opposite to the YC office and within a mile from Caltrain.
Interested to join?
Mail us at hackers [at] hackerrank [dot] com.
Beta invites
If you’ll like to try out our beta, ping us =)

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