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Hacker Stories: How I got an internship @Twitter / 我是如何得到Twitter的实习机会

Editors note: At HackerRank, we’re building a community of hackers in different domains of Computer Science. We conduct a lot of contests and some of them (CodeSprints) have an opportunity for hackers to express interest in companies. This is about the recent CodeSprint we conducted.
This is the first of many Hacker stories we are going to publish. Our first story is about Jinfu Leng. He is originally from Jiangxi Province (South China). He came to the US to earn a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I had the pleasure of meeting Jinfu during the the Back to School Tour we had at the end of February. This is his story…
It was 2012 December, when I was looking for the summer internship. I was trying to submit my application to one company. The company website redirected me to the HackerRank website and asked me to solve a coding problem. After that, I poked around on HackerRank and found that it was very different from many other coding competition websites I used to go. First, they conduct coding contests some of which had connection with companies and second, there were various types of questions on HackerRank, instead of only algorithm puzzles.
2012年12月的时候,我正在找暑假实习。当时我去一家公司的网站上投简历,然后网页跳转到了HackerRank,要求我在上面解决一个编程题。我随意浏览了下HackerRank的网站,发现这个网站和我以往常去的编程竞赛网站不太一样。首先,HackerRank和各个公司有很紧密的联系。比如,Hackerrank的姐妹公司Interviewstreet,支持了FacebookQuora招聘页面的coding challenges。然后,这个网站上有各式各样的题目,而不仅仅是算法题。
I learnt about the CodeSprint when I emailed Andrew and asked about upcoming competitions. So I signed up with the expectation that I would at least get an opportunity to interview with the participating companies. I earned a spot in the top 10 and won a free trip to Silicon Valley. During our trip, we visited 15 tech companies (Facebook, Twitter, Quora, PocketGems, etc.), and even talked with the founders of several companies. This trip gave me a very good idea of how these companies operate. More importantly, I met many extremely smart and interesting participants, who mainly came from universities like Harvard, UC Berkeley and UCLA. There was an ACM world finalist, a red coder on TopCoder, a 16 years old guy who wrote code for the International Space Station, young entrepreneurs and more.
在我给Andrew发邮件咨询即将到来的比赛后,我了解到有Back to School编程马拉松。随后,我注册了这场比赛并期待自己能因此获得一些公司的面试机会。最终我在前10名中获得了一个位置,并且赢取了一个免费去硅谷参观的机会。在硅谷的时候,我们大概参观了15家公司(Facebook, Twitter, Quora, PocketGems等),甚至和几个公司的创始人直接交谈。这一趟旅程让我更好的了解了这些公司究竟是如何运作的。事实上,我们把它称作是“深入敌后版招聘会”。更重要的是,我遇到了其他许多极其聪明和有意思的参赛选手,大部分来自哈佛,加州伯克利,加州洛杉矶。他们包括ACM世界总决赛选手,红色的TopCoder选手,16岁且曾经为国际空间站写过代码的少年和青年创业家等。
After the CodeSprint, some participants got special interview from Twitter. In fact, I applied Twitter before, but got rejected without interview (If you are an international student and do not attend an elite university, you know how hard it is to get an interview from a company like Twitter). After four rounds of phone interviews, I got the internship offer from Twitter.
在Back to School编程马拉松结束后,一部分参赛者获得Twitter的特殊的面试机会。事实上,我曾经申请过Twitter,但是直接被拒绝了,甚至连面试机会都没有(如果你是国际学生,并且你不在顶级大学,你会明白获得一个像Twitter这样公司的面试机会有多难)。在经历了四轮电话面试后,我拿到了Twitter暑假实习的offer。
Finally, I want to thanks Vivek Ravisankar (@rvivek) and Andrew Song (@ASong408). They personally gave me useful advice on how to select offers and where to look for housing in San Francisco. I am pretty excited about my upcoming adventure at Twitter this summer.
最后,我想要感谢Vivek Ravisankar (@rvivek)和Andrew Song (@ASong408)。他们给了我很多有用的建议,像如何选择offer,如何在旧金山找房子。现在我已经为即将到来的暑假在Twitter的冒险感到兴奋。
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