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iRecruit: What are we upto?

We have not really been inspired by Apple to name our product iRecruit, for the time-being, lets refer to it like that. Agreed, the name of a product does matter, but lets first see what the product is all about.
Recruitment is a key aspect for almost all companies looking to expand. In terms of increasing it’s employee strength, there are different types of companies – some companies deliberately want to have a small team, few startups look to aggressively hire after having reached a certain benchmark, and of course there are product MNC’s and services companies that have started hiring in large numbers.
A common thread that runs through amongst these different types of companies is, every company always looks to expend minimal resources (money, employee’s time, etc.) but get the best available talent. While there exists a number of portals wherein you could reach out to people looking for jobs, there isn’t a place where you could assess the real value of a candidate before filtering him. A candidate gets selected for the initial round of an interview based on what’s present on his resume, but we know the truth – a resume is not really a reflection of his real capabilities and strengths, he could be a much bigger stud than what the resume conveys (or) vice-versa. In either of the cases, either the employee’s time ( who conducts the initial phone-screen ) is wasted or you miss out on a really talented guy because his resume wasn’t flashy enough. Of course, I am not denying that there would be some perfect matches, but lets try to save resources wherever possible.
As you might have guessed, iRecruit solves both the problems stated above. We have built a web-interface where you could create a customized test, add your own set of questions (multiple-choice-questions/text-answer/programming) (or) you could choose it from our task pool also and let the candidates attempt the test on a particular time slot suitable to you. All you need to do now is to just glance through our report indicating the performance of the candidates, which helps you to easily choose the best guys for your initial rounds of interview!
This acts like a pre-phone-screen, just that you are completely sure about the candidate’s potential before spending your precious time with him/her. This also ensures that you don’t need to filter candidates by mere brand names but test his real skill which enables you to look at a wider sample set – after all it’s a one-time effort to create a test and invite as many candidates as you want to attempt the test.
Every cake has a cherry and iRecruit also has something special. The key skill to look for when you are hiring a developer is his ability to code – in most of the phone interviews, the candidate gets away with a pseudo-code (or) worse just the overall approach to it, primarily because of technology constraints. Similar to a startup scenario, the tougher part is not the approach/strategy, but the execution/implementation and he needs to be a good coder once he gets in. To ensure this, we have built a codechecker which evaluates the candidate’s code against a set of test cases and tells you how optimally he has coded compared to the benchmark. This would help you screen the right set of developers initially. Ofcourse this is an add-on and we have built the interface in such a way that it’s generic enough to create any kind of test.
If you are interested, please leave a comment (or) e-mail to we would love to come over and show you a demo on how easy it’s going to be to use the product. You could try out the product here. Please let us know your feedback – it surely should act as a big time saver for companies.
PS: You could get in touch with us very quickly by just hitting these 10 digits on your mobile : 98408 80633

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