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Introducing the Next-Generation Job Matching App for Engineers

What are the chances of you never hearing back from a company after applying to a job online? Roughly 90%. There are plenty of studies to back this up (here, here and here), but you don’t need a study to prove that submitting job applications online feels like tossing darts into a black hole.
It’s discouraging. It makes for a terrible experience. Everyone knows it’s about who you know, what degree you have and what prestigious schools or companies are listed in your resume.
Today, that changes.
Introducing HackerRank Jobs, the first job search app that’s completely reinventing the way candidates apply for developer jobs, and the way companies source candidates.

Instead of applying with a resume, you request a code challenge from a company with just one tap, and solve it at your leisure. HackerRank Jobs makes the decades-long “resume black hole” problem obsolete. You’re not only guaranteed a response from companies within 5 business days, but you can also see the average time it takes for a company to respond to applications before you apply.
This is the first time in history that you can apply to a job and not wonder why you never got a call. You simply apply to a job by showing your coding skills on your own time. No resumes or cover letters required.

Fixing the Source

Just as Uber unlocked more cars and Airbnb unlocked more places to rent, HackerRank Jobs is unlocking more developers and job opportunities for developers. The app unleashes the power of skilled programmers all over the world, no matter what credentials are next to your name. By going beyond resumes and eliminating the “resume black hole,” HackerRank Jobs is the new bridge between companies and developers.
If a tech executive tells you that it’s really hard to find great engineers, it’s because they’re still using traditional means of hiring, like resumes, degrees and referrals. They’re overlooking highly-skilled candidates who may not have attended a great school, may have dropped out or simply took an alternate path to programming. The unlock these engineers, you have to be able to is test their skills at scale. With traditional recruiting methods, it can take more than 30 days to find the right candidate.
Almost 40 companies, including Uber, VMware and Box, are already using HackerRank Jobs and have trimmed down their time-to-hire from months to just days.
Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 12.44.14 PM
IMG_1769These companies can get a list of candidates’ code challenge scores on either web or mobile, and they have the opportunity to call engineers immediately. What’s more, recruiters will never have to deal with the endless back-and-forth emails when scheduling interviews with candidates. Scheduling conflicts alone unnecessarily extend recruiting time. The HackerRank Jobs ecosystem offers a built-in scheduler that automatically prompts applicants to choose 3 open time slots for potential interviews.
Of the nearly 40 companies who have used HackerRank Jobs, all of them have wondered why this hiring system didn’t exist before. With HackerRank Jobs, we’re fixing every pain point that comes with building a strong engineering team.

Behind the Guaranteed Response

Many of you might be understandably skeptical—how can we guarantee a response from companies?

There are a few ways we make this happen.

First, a chief reason why companies are slow to respond is simply because of the sheer amount of time it traditionally takes to evaluate programmers. Scheduling manual phone interviews or whiteboard interviews can take months. By using code challenges, recruiters can automatically gauge a high volume of programmers’ skills in minutes.
Second, we calculate the average time it takes for a company to respond to an application through HackerRank Jobs, and publicize the average time within the app. Companies have the opportunity to create a better experience for their candidates by benchmarking their response time against other companies in the area.
Finally, after a company gets a list of code challenge scores, recruiters have a maximum of 5 days to respond to the best performers. Otherwise, they lose talent. The speed of automated challenges, transparency and limited time incentivizes companies to act faster.
We’re excited to unveil this revolutionary way of applying to jobs and finding candidates.
Are you ready to try HackerRank Jobs?
HackerRank Jobs is now available to all engineers on both iOS and Android. We’re starting with jobs openings in the Bay Area, New York and Bangalore. But we’re gearing up to launch in many more regions in the next few months.

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