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Introducing HackerRank Jobs: Connect with Our Community of 1M+ Skilled Developers

With traditional recruiting methods, it can take well over 30 days to find the right candidate. You spend most of this time through a lot of manual resume sifting, online profile perusing, phone screen scheduling, etc. If you’re still using old techniques, chances are you’re not only hiring slower but also using the quickest proxies that overlook highly-skilled candidates. Talented developers who may not have attended a great school, may have dropped out or simply took an alternate path to programming. To unlock these engineers, you have to be able to is test their skills at scale.

Just as Uber unlocked more cars and Airbnb unlocked more places to rent, HackerRank Jobs is unlocking more developers and job opportunities for developers, faster.  The app unleashes the power of skilled programmers all over the world, no matter what credentials are next to your name. By going beyond resumes and eliminating the “resume black hole,” HackerRank Jobs is the new bridge between companies and developers.

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HackerRank Jobs: For Anyone Having Trouble Finding Great Engineers

Over 40 companies, including VMware and Box, are already using HackerRank Jobs and have trimmed down their time-to-hire from months to just days.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You set your criteria
  2. Post a coding challenge on HackerRank Jobs
  3. We fill your dashboard with hand-selected candidates who meet your criteria

Posting a coding challenge on HackerRank Jobs is a great way to get your brand in front of thousands of developers who might not have applied to your company otherwise.

The Bottom Line

Every week, you get a list of candidates’ code challenge scores on either web or mobile, and you have the opportunity to call engineers immediately. What’s more, you won’t have to deal with the endless back-and-forth emails when scheduling interviews with candidates. Scheduling conflicts alone unnecessarily extend recruiting time by weeks.

Of all the companies who have used HackerRank Jobs, each one of them have wondered why this hiring system didn’t exist before. Since the quality of candidates is so high and selective, many customers are shaving weeks off their time-to-hire. On the flip side, candidates have expressed rave reviews on using HackerRank Jobs to apply for jobs versus any other job application process. Hear it from them directly:

“HackerRank is the most convenient way to apply for a software engineering position. All other ways are still very weak compared to HackerRank. HackerRank can tell the exact skills I have without any other proof,” Anas Salman, engineering manager at CASHU


“I like the common app on HackerRank Jobs because it makes the job search easy. It’s not like a multiple choice test. It’s real evaluation. It’s real insight from people,” Phil Hord at Pure Storage

Interested in trying out HackerRank Jobs to solve sourcing for your team? Email to learn how to get started.

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