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Interviewstreet Delivers Innovation at Yahoo! Hack Beijing & Hack India: Hyderabad

Yahoo! Hack Day India

How do you get the best young developers nationwide into one room to compete for prizes, gain recognition and collaborate on projects to widen the innovation horizon? Yahoo! partnered with Interviewstreet to accomplish exactly that goal, during 2013 community hackathons in Beijing and Hyderabad.

Thousands of applicants from across the two countries tested their knowledge and skills with Interviewstreet prior to the two events… with only the most talented winning the coveted invite by the Yahoo! Developer Network to compete in the hackathons. Interviewstreet provided full-service support before, during and after the events: Coding challenges and code checker functionality to pre-qualify the most talented candidates, plus the infrastructure of web servers and database servers to sustain the collective brain-power of students intent on winning prizes like Apple MacBooks, iPhones and a Yahoo! internship.

For the Beijing Hack Day event alone, Interviewstreet screened 595 candidates with a total of 631 code submissions (34,428 line of code) and 3,963 compile/tests (a compile/test every 2 seconds).

Interviewstreet also provided servers to support their platform: approximately 50 webservers, 100 code-checkers, 5 databases and 1 memcache server, which ensured the system was prepared for any contingency and that the contest was successful without any technical hiccups. Servers computed 1 hour before the contest, 1 hour post-contest and 2 hours during the contest with an average of ~1000 requests/minute.

Yahoo! Hack Day China

“Interviewstreet made it possible to truly challenge some of the most promising young participants, and take the results of our hack events to another level,” says Anil Patel, Global Product Marketing Manager for the Yahoo! Developer Network, who recognizes the benefit of testing the skills of all applicants prior to the final round of competition at the hackathon itself.

For the hackathon competitors, what’s better than knowing every developer in the room has earned their place and will be worthy competition? “Raising the bar for participants generates much more exciting results,” according to Matylda Czarnecka, Global Developer Outreach & Events Manager. “The quality of hacks increases when the teams have the skills to develop something really innovative.”

See you next time!

Interviewstreet is proud and excited to have been a part of Yahoo! Hack China & Hack India and we’re looking forward to many more hackathons to come. See all of the Beijing hacks and Hyderabad hacks on Yahoo’s HackTrackr.

Images via the Yahoo! Developer Network

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