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VMware is the First to Redefine Developer Engagement

How much can a resume or professional social profile tell employers about programming skills? What does 15 endorsements for “data structures” skill really mean? No matter how hard you dig, you won’t definitively know if someone’s a good programmer until you give them a unique programming challenge and see how they think through and solve problems.
Today, the HackerRank team is announcing Company Pages, allowing companies to feature real-world programming challenges and developers to prove their skills by solving them. This new network bridges the gap between the right skills and the right opportunity…on one page. It’s the only professional network that offers a genuine connection between developers and hiring managers centered on what engineers love the most: Coding.
VMware, the leading virtualization provider, is excited to be the first company to redefine what it means to engage with talented engineers with full transparency by leveraging HackerRank’s new Company Pages. Here’s how we’re pioneering technical candidate engagement:

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 3.53.21 PM

Experience VMware’s Innovative Culture

You’ve seen it a million times: Most companies say they’re cutting-edge, offer free snacks and allow flip flops at work. But if you ask any software engineer: What excites you about a company? Most engineers say it’s contributing to the coolest technology.

Real-Time Interaction

You can connect directly with VMware’s Principal Engineer Ben Pfaff and get a glimpse of the exciting, transformative technology his team is working on. Simply ask any question to the VMware engineering team directly on the company page. Pfaff has been working on VMware’s NSX network virtualization product, and specifically on the Open vSwitch data plane component since its inception in 2009 at Nicira Networks, which VMware acquired in 2012.  Before Nicira, he received his Ph.D. in computer science from Stanford in 2007 and a B.S. in electrical engineering from Michigan State University in 2001.

There are two real-time opportunities to explore and experience company culture on June 22nd:

  • You can watch Pfaff solve the challenge live on the VMware company page.
  • Ask Pfaff any recruiting question on the VMware company page. Pfaff will answer the questions directly on the Company Page, like a recruiting Ask Me Anything (AMA).

Solve Tailored Challenges

As proud trailblazers of virtualization, the VMware team is naturally looking for engineers who are also passionate about building a robust and efficient networking stack. So, its engineers created a unique challenge that implements one of the basic algorithms used in Ethernet networks to ensure that packets arrive at their destinations without wasting network bandwidth or duplicating packets. It is an algorithm that every switch, including Open vSwitch, implements. Its basic idea is simple and beautiful, in our opinion, and it has withstood the test of time. We hope that you will agree once you understand how it works. See if you can solve the VMware challenge here!
No other professional network offers the ability to experience strong innovative culture by demonstrating business-related programming challenges you can solve. With HackerRank’s interactive Company Pages, you can see not only how much companies like VMware value innovation but also the depth of the engineering team’s passion and expertise. Plus, the engineering team can see every challenge submission! Solve the challenge here.
So, what’s next?
Engineers, can you crack our unique challenge? See the challenge on the VMware Company Page and submit your solution directly to the VMware engineering team!

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 2.46.35 PM

This blog post was co-written by Rizwan Ansary, Product Manager at HackerRank & Ben Pfaff, Principal Engineer at VMware. 

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