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HackerRank Hackathon Tomorrow

What makes a great Hackathon?
  • Interesting variety of challenges – There should be an interesting mix of challenges and more than just standard algorithmic questions.
  • Serious competition – Winning should be hard. A good hackathon should have at least a thousand contestants. Also, one bot-to-bot challenge would be nice, where only the best bot will win!
  • Great Prizes – The winners should get real prizes (e.g. a free trip to California 😉
  • Job opportunities – Those who are interested should be able to connect with tech companies after the hackathon is over.
The HackerRank Back To School Hackathon will be all that and more! Its happening online this Saturday starting at 12noon PST. There will be exciting challenges, great competition and huge prizes! After the contest, participants will be able to apply to top tech companies such as Quora or Facebook. This job opportunity is purely opt-in for those who are interested.Prizes:
Anyone eligible who completes a challenge will get a $100 AWS credit (see $100 AWS Post for details.)
The top 10 contestants will win an all expenses paid-trip to Silicon Valley and split up $4000 in cash (see Hackathon Prizes).
This contest is open to US university students. Everyone else can participate in the CodeSprint4 Contest at the same time.

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