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HackerRank Hackathon Results

On Saturday, HackerRank ran our biggest contest yet, with contestants from all over the world competing to solve six challenging problems. The challenges ranged from a variation of the Traveling Salesman Problem to a math-involved question on the game of Nim to coding a bot to play Mancala.
The contest was split into two parts: The Back-To-School Hackathon for US university students, and the CodeSprint4 for everyone else in the world. The challenges were the same for each group. The top 10 winners of the The Back-To-School Hackathon will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Silicon Valley to tour top tech companies in the area.
Over the next few days we will add posts and links to explain how the winners solved the challenges. In the meantime, here are some statistics from the top submissions:
Most popular languages
The most popular language (by a wide margin) for the contest was Python, followed by Java in second place. This is a chart by of all the submissions (above a nominal score) by programming language:

Most popular countries
The BackToSchool Hackathon was only open to US students, but what countries participated in CodeSprint4? The most participants came from India, followed by the US. Below is a chart of the top countries by the number of participants they had in the Top 200. You can view more stats by playing around with the filters on the leaderboard.

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