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Find Quality Talent Faster with HackerRank

A few weeks ago, we introduced the new industry standard in technical hiring: the HackerRank Developer Skills Platform. The Developer Skills Platform is an end-to-end hiring platform that enables teams to build high-quality, diverse teams that fuel company innovation.

The full Developer Skills Platform will be unveiled on October 6th. For now, we’re excited to launch the second phase of the platform: the screening stage. It’s a screening mechanism that helps you identify quality talent faster with online coding tests and real-world projects.

How does HackerRank help screen technical candidates?

HackerRank helps teams evaluate candidates’ technical skills through online coding assessments. Using an industry-vetted rubric of 75+ skills, teams can create assessments that accurately vet candidates for the skills their roles require. It’s a way for teams to evaluate developers based on proven skills—not blunt proxies like resumes. Here’s how it helps:

Find top candidates based on skills, no matter their level

Using HackerRank, teams can assess virtually any candidate level. For early talent candidates—or high volume roles—teams can use HackerRank in their workflow as an early screening tool. In this workflow, teams can use Screen to narrow down the candidate pool where resume review isn’t feasible, or when candidate skill sets are challenging to differentiate (like when evaluating early talent).

On the flip side, teams can also use HackerRank to assess experienced developers through real-world challenges. Using tests that mimic day-to-day experiences—like building a web application, fetching API data, or debugging a codebase—teams can get a glimpse into candidates’ practical skills.

Build a screening experience that elevates your tech talent brand

A strong tech talent brand is the key to attracting high quality candidates to your organization. In fact, a study from LinkedIn showed that a strong talent brand reduces cost per hire by up to 50 percent and lowers turnover rates by 28 percent. And that starts with the hiring process.

Using HackerRank, teams can create a developer-friendly, brand-aligned screening experience. The platform allows teams to build custom-branded candidate invitations, which makes for a fully immersive candidate experience. And HackerRank’s best-in-class technology makes the process easy, and seamless—a positive candidate experience that complements your tech talent brand.

Iterate on tests with quantitative insights

HackerRank leverages a set of more than 150 million data points to help you benchmark your assessments’ performance. Teams can use built-in machine learning insights to better understand test performance at every stage of the candidate funnel: from test invitation to offer.

For each assessment, HackerRank will automatically benchmark your test against two core metrics: candidate response score and assessment quality score. The candidate response score combines invite email open rate, test click rate, and test attempt rate into a singular metric that tracks candidate sentiment. The assessment quality score, on the other hand, analyzes test completion rate, test score distribution, and candidate feedback rating to benchmark your tests against industry benchmarks. The result is a set of quantitative insights that indicate the health and efficacy of each test.

We’re launching the full Developer Skills Platform on October 6th, 2020. To learn more about the Developer Skills Platform, or to sign up for the reveal event, visit this page:

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