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EpicCode CodeSprint Lives Up to its Name, Smashes Records

It was truly epic. The EpicCode CodeSprint was one of the biggest online hackathon ever, pulling in about 64,000 submissions from over 12,000 participants on June 20th, 2015. Exceptional software engineers from 86 different countries fought the epic battle for 24 hours.
Fierce dedication and unwavering passion pumped through the fingers of every single developer, both students and professionals, as 6,000 competitors made it to the leaderboard. The contest opened to a flurry of submissions within the first 10 minutes of the contest up until the very last minute. This was by far HackerRank’s largest coding contest of all time.

Transforming the DNA of Your Engineering Team

HackerRank is the destination for the best developers in the world and EpicCode signifies a new era of achievement. This new record of participants illuminates CodeSprints, or online hackathons, as the most innovative way of bringing the best developers to the best companies. It’s exciting to see that our reach is climbing higher and higher.
CodeSprints are the most accurate way to measure the skills of thousands of developers at once. Developers solve the same set of coding challenges in 24 hours and each score is graded automatically. This means that the 16 forward-thinking companies (pictured below) that sponsored the EpicCode instantly sourced thousands of talented developers in just 24 hours. Each company received a Developer ScoreCard that includes each candidate’s score and contact information.
Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 3.55.14 PM
What other opportunity is there to bring thousands upon thousands of smart coders from around the world together to prove their skills by conquering one set of mind-bending challenges? Traditional recruiting techniques typically require at least 15 minutes on the phone with each candidate you painstakingly find on black-hole job sites. In the EpicCode Codesprint, over 4,000 developers explicitly expressed an interest in being contacted for job opportunities.
Companies easily tested the precise skill level for over 4,000 developers, cutting down thousands of hours of sourcing qualified recruiters through phone screenings. You can expect HackerRank to continue to push the limits, trailblazing as the forerunner of online hackathons to surface untapped talent.

Pulsating Passion for Coding Challenges

The contest was made up of 8 exciting challenges increasing in difficulty. Developers who want to learn the most optimal way of solving each challenge can go back to the problem and click on the “Editorials” tab for detailed explanations. The beauty of the 24 hour contest is that it’s anyone’s game. As people come in and out of the battle field, the top leader in hour 15 may not be the ultimate winner as the clock counts down. You can sense the passion for our carefully thought-out problem statements from our community in these Tweets during the event. 
Plus, some amazing prizes sweetened the deal! These will be shipped to winners soon!

  • Rank 1 – GoPro Hero4
  • Rank 2 – Oculus Rift Developer Kit DK2
  • Rank 3 – Xbox One
  • Rank 4 – Pebble Smartwatch
  • Rank 5 – The Arduino Starter Kit
  • Rank 6-20 – Raspberry Pi 2
  • Rank 1- 100 – HackerRank T-Shirt
  • Participants who solved 1 or more challenge – $100 AWS credits

Still, many of our passionate programmers say it’s not just about the prizes–competing in HackerRank’s contests is also about learning to become a better programmers and pushing yourself to the limit.



Finally, we asked our EpicCode champions to offer a few words of wisdom. Here’s what they had to say:
1 2 3 4 6 7
Stay tuned for our next upcoming CodeSprint! Hiring managers, don’t miss your chance to re-engineer the way you recruit tech candidates. Developers, your next epic battle awaits.
Save your seat at the CounterCode CodeSprint on August 1, 2015!

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