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CodeSprint 4 on Feb 2, 12:00 PM PST happening at HackerRank

Tl;dr: Announcing our new site for coding challenges: HackerRank. Signup today and get ready for the next CodeSprint on HackerRank: The Back-to-School CodeSprint on Feb 2, 12:00 pm PST
Our CodeSprints have been a great success! We have hosted some amazing problems, but they were all within one category: Algorithmic challenges. Also, our site was focused on people looking for jobs, but there are many reasons to compete in online hackathons.
Announcing Our New Site: HackerRank
We wanted to build something bigger and more engaging. The result is HackerRank. HackerRank will be the home for real-world challenges within Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Image Processing, Network Security and many more fields. We started with Artificial Intelligence, but we plan to have challenges from any field one could wish for!
More than just jobs
Our focus is building an engaged community of programmers in many different domains. Those who wish to, can use our site to connect with some great companies, but that is purely opt-in. You won’t be contacted for any hiring opportunities unless you express interest, and we will never spam or give out any of your information.
Hacking For Fun
At HackerRank, we want to make programming fun and we take that seriously 🙂 For example, when you submit your bot in a challenge, we don’t just give your results. We let you view every game the bot plays, both as a list of moves and as an animated game! Stay tuned as we expand to many more domains in Computer Science.
Moving to HackerRank
We are moving all the challenges from InterviewStreet to HackerRank. Your submissions, scores will be unaffected and the whole process shift will be seamless. You can login to HackerRank with your credentials and continue solving challenges here. This will let all hackers from diverse fields compete and code together on one site, so everyone can learn more and have more fun.
To celebrate this occasion, we are hosting our fourth CodeSprint at HackerRank – The HackerRank Back-To-School CodeSprint will have different types of challenges which is going to be really engaging. The companies participating is an ever expanding list and we’ll keep adding as we signup companies. You can checkout the list here
It’ll be a 24 hour contest starting Feb 2, 12:00pm PST. Join now.
HackerRank is going to be huge, much bigger than what Interviewstreet could achieve and I welcome you all to be a part of it.

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