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Code Awesome, Have Fun, Go Google!

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Have you met Rancho from Bollywood movie 3 Idiots in real life? No!
Well then, you’ve got to meet Anudeep Nekkanti. He is passionate about Computer Science, and despite being a non-IITian or non-NITian, he has got a job offer from Google; Reminds you of the famous dialogue, “bacha kaabil bano… kaamyaabi toh saali jhak maar ke peeche aayegi… (Pursue excellence and success will follow).”

Anudeep hails from Samalkot, a small town near Visakhapatnam. While in school, he did not know much about JEE or AIEEE, and his father gave him freedom to do anything he wanted, rather than focus on JEE training. He appeared for the state level engineering entrance exam and reached ANITS. His sister insisted that he take CS because, “CS is easy, you can start preparation one day before exams and clear them.” He was looking forward to having fun in college and accepted her advice.
In his second year, he started doing competitive programming. He gradually excelled in it while solving problems on different online judges. Soon he started winning state-level and national-level coding contests. Last month, he was invited to Russia to compete in the ACM World Finals, where his team finished 45th, surpassing some of the IITs and other top institutes of the world.
We got an opportunity to chat with him. Here are some snippets of our conversation.
Do you find Computer Science very easy?
“I would not say that I find it easy, but I definitely find it fun and interesting!”
What is your mantra of success?
“Not giving up when faced with a tough problem. The way I used to practice is like this: I used to solve all kinds of problems – easy to hard. If I figured out a way to solve the problem in some time, I coded it and got it accepted. Otherwise, I saved that problem and tried it after a month. If I still did not get it, I searched for hints. If it clearly needed some algorithms which I’d never used before, I started reading about that algorithm.”
Any advice to those who are learning coding and want to make a great career doing it?
“I look at competitive programming like a sport. One has to play it. Do it only if you are interested and if you enjoy the rush in your body while doing timed contest. Do not do it for job or for fame. An advice for learners: don’t get intimidated by problems you are not comfortable with. Work on them with patience and stretch the limits of your problem solving ability.”
You have said, “70 days after my onsite interview I was finally given Zurich.” Why were you interested in joining the Zurich office of Google?
“Last summer, one day during my internship, Pulkit (IIIT Hyd) and Tyagi (IIT Delhi) opened pictures of Zurich office and applauded it for about 20 minutes. And somehow I felt like going there. I don’t see myself working for too long, so I decided to go to a preferred location.”
During our chat, we found that Anudeep is not really the socially awkward geek you might expect, and he definitely knows how to have fun. Just check out his Facebook Timeline and you’ll know.
We wish him success in his new job and in whatever that he plans to do in future. Anudeep, you’ve made us proud and raised hopes of millions. Keep shining! 🙂

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