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Case Study: How Cleartrip saves 40 hours on every developer hired

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It’s interesting how different types of businesses use our product for different needs, although everything falls under the big heading of ‘hiring‘. Cleartrip is a travel site that gives you what you need without any annoying fluff, search, book and go. Moving forward on that mission, they needed smart programmers to build the product. As is the case with a lot of companies, they were pounded with lots of resumes and the filtering process became a tough job. They chose to use Interviewstreet to screen candidates based on their programming skills in Java and here’s what the results are..

Case Study

Before Interviewstreet
A typical funnel that existed earlier is shown below to hire 1 developer:
Funnel before Interviewstreet
A typical phone screen would last for 30-40 minutes and add the time for context switch, the developer spends about an hour for every phone interview. This translates to about 15-20 hours spent on phone interviews (on an average) with over 90% of the time resulting in rejecting candidates.
We needed to build a product that was not only easy to integrate with the existing system but also saved a lot of time. Here’s what they had to say about the integration:

“It was very simple and easy to integrate the application. Earlier we had written tests which the candidate would take when they came for a face-to-face interview, Interviewstreet helped the candidate take the test at his convenience thereby saving time for both the prospective employer and the employee”

After using Interviewstreet
Here’s a funnel after using Interviewstreet:
Funnel after using Interviewstreet
As you might notice, the manual effort (phone interviews) is almost nil and it gives an opportunity to test extra candidates too from the resume pool who might have been in the border-line! All the above with seamless integration to your existing recruitment process.

Cleartrip saves *atleast* 15 hours and probably more (30-40 hours, including the additional candidates tested) for every developer they hire!

If you would also like to use our product, shoot a mail to, we will get back to you immediately!

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