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Building Meritocracy in Tech

I’m happy to announce that I recently joined HackerRank as the President & Chief Operating Officer (COO) to help drive the disruptive credentialing system in its next phase of high-growth.
I’ve spent most of my career scaling companies that are solving important problems in the world, like access to information and connecting the world. I’ve spent the majority of my time working with customers, partners and teams to develop solutions that help them grow faster. In every case, the most invaluable asset to any company is—by far—their people.
I’ve also grown teams to thousands of talented people globally over the years at my time at DoubleClick, Google, Facebook and—most recently—Flurry. Having conducted dozens of interviews a week while simultaneously running the sales and ops teams at my previous companies, I strongly believe there’s immense opportunity in optimizing how companies build their teams.

By filtering out resumes using traditional credentials, like GPA or university, we missed out on a massive pool of qualified, committed and passionate candidates. Whether it’s because of family circumstances, unforeseen situations or discovering their passion later in life, great people are all too often passed over when we focus too heavily on these traditional filters over skills.
When companies repeatedly look for people of the same pedigree, they not only miss out on great candidates but also create less opportunity for diversity. Countless tech leaders have recently recognized the lack of diversity generally rampant in tech, and they’ve publicly expressed a commitment to change. But companies generally don’t have the right tools to promote a truly meritocratic culture yet.
This is where HackerRank comes in.
HackerRank creates a meritocratic filter to empower companies by automatically ranking programmers purely based on coding skills. That’s what drew me in. Very few companies are actually changing the paradigm of an entire industry, and HackerRank is one of them.
Today every company is a software company, and engineers’ power to transform a company or even industry is more accessible than it’s ever been. When companies like Chipotle are hosting hackathons to innovate and Goldman Sachs has more engineers than Google, hiring the right engineers can define the trajectory of any company. Helping to efficiently match people to these opportunities at a diverse group of companies will accelerate this process, resulting in happier people and more effective companies.
In addition to strong opportunity, there are three core factors that I was looking for when selecting the next stage of my career:

  1. A noble mission in which I deeply believe.
  2. A strong team.
  3. A growing early-stage startup to help scale.

HackerRank offers all three and more. HackerRank’s mission to make the world flat aligns with my personal passion to push for meritocracy in job opportunities. The platform opens up opportunities to anyone who can do the job well–no matter what’s listed on their resume.
The entire team is driven with passion, diverse experiences and humility. HackerRank is poised to be the default tech recruiting company. Over time, we can branch out into recruiting other teams as well. 
I’m really excited about partnering with CEO & Co-founder Vivek Ravisankar and the whole team. Together, we’ll drive HackerRank’s growth and its mission to democratize hiring and put people on a path where they are more empowered.

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