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Programmer Profile
Programmer Profile

Resumes are slowly beginning to lose it’s value amongst tech companies, esp. startups. In fact one of our customers remarked – ‘I have stopped looking at resumes! I am only interested in their coding scores‘. While that definitely lies on the other end of the spectrum, you should genuinely show interest in programming in your resume to get noticed.

  • Github profile Post your coding work and modules at github. Recruiters get an idea of your coding skills and can gauge your interest in programming
  • Blog If you had been programming a lot, you should have discovered a lot of things in the journey – from bug-fixes in an open-source software to writing optimal code to perform an operation. Share your experiences on your personal blog
  • Programming Contests A strong indicator of how well versed you are when it comes to algorithms and code implementation. There are a number of places ( topcoder, spoj, acm ) to practice and win!
  • Open-source contributions, GSoc A lot of open source projects are available, the most glamorous probably is contributing to Ubuntu. Get on IRC, some of the top hackers are in there!

Good luck with your interviews!

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