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Assess the Right Technical Skills from Anywhere

Last month, we introduced the new industry standard in technical hiring: the HackerRank Developer Skills Platform. It’s an end-to-end hiring platform that enables teams to build high-quality, diverse teams that fuel company innovation.

The full Developer Skills Platform will be unveiled on October 6th. For now, we’re excited to share the third component of the Developer Skills Platform: the interview component. This component of the platform helps you assess the right skill set for each role you need to fill.

How does HackerRank help teams assess technical skills through a virtual on-site?

HackerRank uses a real-time pair programming environment paired with a virtual whiteboard to support technical interviews ranging from simple coding challenges to full-stack development scenarios. Using this technology, teams can evaluate key skills from problem solving, to systems design, to communication skills. It’s packed with features like proctoring control, a library of 2,100+ pre-built coding questions, and a customizable, developer-friendly editor to streamline and standardize interviews.

Here’s a glimpse at how teams can use HackerRank to more effectively interview candidates remotely.

Capture real-time, consistent feedback from every interviewer

With HackerRank, teams can review candidate code from the screening stage to make for a more cohesive interview process. Interviewers can access recommended interview questions that guide them through hints, solution pseudo-code, time and space complexity, and potential follow-up questions for the problem at hand. Combined, these factors help to ensure interviews are smooth, compliant, and consistent.

With customizable interviewer scorecards built into the platform, teams can define desired skills before the interview. Throughout the interview, panelists can leave feedback on each skill on the scorecard, which is collected into an interviewer feedback packet for easier decision making.

Ensure a compliant, efficient interview process across the company

Question approval workflows help to standardize the interview process, minimizing compliance risk. Through HackerRank, teams can also manage interview scheduling, invitations, and candidate reports through HackerRank’s applicant tracking system (ATS) partners, like BrassRing, Greenhouse, Workday, and more.

Within the platform, teams can easily provision roles within the organization. Combined with single sign-on capabilities, this makes for easier management of users at scale. Features like chat log archives ensure regulatory compliance and audit needs are adequately met.

Deliver a developer-friendly experience that helps candidates perform at their best

With company-branded invitations, clear candidate communications, and a best-in-class integrated development environment (IDE), HackerRank provides a hiring experience that developers love. Teams can use the interview component of the HackerRank platform to conduct 1:1 interviews, panel interviews, or even systems design interviews.

HackerRank’s interview capabilities feature audio and video chat, and a customizable editor based on Monaco, the open source editor behind Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (VS Code). The IDE features rich, customizable features like VIM/Emacs, dark/light themes, autocomplete, and REPL support that make for a developer-friendly experience. With 40+ languages supported, HackerRank’s interview capabilities make it easy to create an environment where candidates can shine.

We’re launching the full Developer Skills Platform on October 6th, 2020. To learn more about the Developer Skills Platform, or to sign up for the reveal event, visit this page:

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