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Announcing the Winners of the Apple Watch and Free CodeSprint Sweepstakes!

Last month, we offered a chance for 3 lucky professionals to win an Apple Watch in addition to a free CodeSprint sponsorship.
More than 1,000 companies (including Facebook, Twitter, VMware and Quora) are using HackerRank to source, screen and interview the best technical talent to build innovative tech teams. In fact, HackerRank regularly sources a cumulative average of 1,200 professionals per day through HackerRank’s proprietary code problems and challenges.
CodeSprints make it infinitely easier to scout talent because the coding challenges bring the best, most talented programmers directly to companies.
And the award goes to…*drumroll please!*
Congrats! Here’s what the sweepstake winners had to say after checking out HackerRank:

  • “Hackerrank is awesome. It made programming fun again!” – Prasanth Guruprasad, software engineer at Groupon.
  • “When I was in university, we had internal programming contests just for fun without prizes. HackerRank scaled up the concept by adding great prizes: You can be discovered by the best companies in the world while having fun. This is awesome!” – Thomas Guillory, full-stack web engineer at Dashlane.
  • “I think HackerRank can turn the technical job-hunting industry on its head. Instead of hoping talented people stumble upon your jobs listing site, or using recruiters to do all the heavy-lifting, services like HackerRank make it easy for companies to find the perfect new hire out a huge pool of talent.”- Andrew Haglund, user experience at John Deere. 

Wait…What’s a CodeSprint? 
codesprint image
CodeSprint is another term for “Hackathon.” Passionate programmers participate in hackathons to show off their coding skills in a competitive environment. HackerRank offers challenges in a variety of tech niches, including machine learning, algorithms and a host of programming languages.
A big thank you to everyone who participated in our sweepstakes, hosted on the NextWeb.

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