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A developer's diary

Most of the developers have a TODO list (or) plan the day before they enter the workplace, only to be trashed the moment they launch Microsoft Outlook. A whole bunch of meeting requests, appointments, tele-conferences pops up spoiling the thought process at the start of the day, resulting in lower productivity and long hours at workplace.
As Paul Graham rightly puts it across, even the thought of having a meeting might make the developer little uncomfortable to start off an ambitious task. But meetings are almost an inevitable component in any company and one needs to figure out a way to solve it – either hold it after office hours, etc.
To top it all comes the phone interviews! It’s ironic that the guy who is interviewing (developer) is scared more than the interviewee – primarily fearing whether the quality of the candidate is good enough and the context switch that’s going to occur as a result of this.
I remember having a conversation with Indus who talked about the way a programmer’s mind works. The moment you start coding, your thought process is more like a stack – consciously/unconsciously you think about handling edge-cases, MySQL injection, browser issues, etc. and you add all these into a stack and then start programming. Even a small GTalk ping (or) a twitter update can cause your mind to move out of the stack and returning back to the same position is going to take some time (or) worse you might not even be able to! If that’s the case, imagine what a 45-60 minute phone interview would do!
If the candidate is a rockstar, there is some level of consolation, but what if he doesn’t even know how to sort an array? The time wasted is actually 60 minutes + the time taken to get back to the same position as before – now that might vary anywhere between 10-30 minutes. A meeting with absolutely no agenda and no result is actually much better than the above scenario.
Fear not, we have built an app where you could create your own programming questions (also debugging questions), add different levels of test cases and check the coding skills of the candidate before you spend time with him/her. You can view the 0th cut of a sample report here
Hoping to increase the productivity of a lot of developers! If you are interested for a demo, we would love to come over – just shoot a mail to (or) you could call us at +91 98408 80633
PS: The report is just to give an idea of the elements in the report – the questions, solutions, etc are randomly picked and shouldn’t be correlated with the questions in any way – it’s a simple 0th cut framework.

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